Outer Rim Adventure

I'm Hired? Good, Let's Get Outta Here....

Socorro spaceport, home to many smugglers and scoundrels. It is here we find Joron Rahliss coming back from a hell of a carrier mission that went so bad, the crew decided to part ways.

But no worries, here on Socorro, you can always find replacements. However in Morons case, he had to find a crew fast before his old crew made things worse.

Luck for him, the other ships looking for crews were filling up fast. He vetted out a few scrubs, but he found a few good ones.

His first one was a 7ft wookie by the name of Grozurra. Wookies are never to be trifled with and Joron saw a good sign in this one.

Then came two interesting crew members. One was a human ex-soldier by the name of Kullen Bohannon. The other was a very big security droid named IM1-12Ex-T. Both were very eager to join the ships crew.

Another to join was a other human named Mark Owen. His credentials showed him to be an engineer. But there was something odd about him. He was in an awful hurry to leave Socorro.

Lastly to join was a human by the name of Marcarious Trype. He listed his specialty in field medicine. It would have to do as the ships doctor.

Joron was felt ready to go with his new crew, the rest of the pickings were slim and already word was getting around about him. It was time to get something to haul and get off this rock.

He was able to secure a few crates of “Food preservatives” to be hauled to a special handler for 5000 credits.

They were just about to close the freighter doors when a very anxious human woman stopped them and literally demanded transport to an undisclosed location. Her right arm was in a very expensive Bacta cast. The left side of her face was also patched up.

She offered the crew 20,000 for transportation of her and six other “crates”, no questions. When Joron tried to play his charm off on her, little did he realize she would have none of it and it only infuriated her more.

Sensing a cold shoulder, Joron decided to explain to the woman they already had a commitment with another cargo.

Joron dumped that cargo when to woman’s offer went up to 30,000 credits. He left a “sincere” apology to his contact and mentioned his crates would be stored on the port deck.

She introduced herself as Amelia Devers. Her “crates” were six Bacta medical chambers with her injured crew. Grozurra noticed the wounds were severe cuts and burns. None looked to be from a blaster fight.

The first week, Amelia Devers hardly left her room, only to check on her crew. Kullen, for some reason, felt he heard her name before. But he just couldn’t think from where.

During this week, the crew got to know each other and learn many things about the ship they were on.

The second week, she finally came out and apologized to Joron and the crew. Joron again worked on his charm and invited her to dinner. His smiling demeanor was so successful, when he asked Marcarious if he could cook something up.

Marcarious was so happy that someone viewed him more than just the doc of the ship, he cooked a wonderful meal for every one that night. This loosened up her mood a bit, but she still would not tell what happened or where they were going; save for the outer reaches of the outer rim and close to wild space rimward.

By the third week, they reach their ddestination. They dropped out of hyperspace in a system that was not on the charts.

They closed in on an asteroid belt. The crew was very nervous as moved closer. Amelia called on the Comm a strange language even their translators could not understand.

Out of the belt came three starfighters at high speed headed toward their freighter. Amelia cursed and that was all the crew needed to know they were in trouble.

The crew jumped into action with Joron piloting, Mark on engineering and IM1 and Kullen on guns. Later Grozurra took over guns in the middle of the fight.

The fight did not last long as the Mandala Sun was far better equipped to take on such worthless pilots. But the ship did take on some heavy hits to the hull and a little system strain.

After the fight Joron was ready to jump right out of the system. But Amelia convi cede them otherwise. She said she knew what was going on, cursing a lot. They agreed and when they came closer to the largest asteroid, she again hailed through the comms in that strange language. This time she was created by a very nervous voice on the other end and the ship was cleared to enter the hollowed out asteroid.

Hidden within the asteroid was a large cluster of clam domed buildings. They docked onto one of these and were ready to find out why they were brought here and hoped that the 30,000 credits they were promised was real.

And So it Begins....With a BANG!
Who's up for a little gambling?

It’s been a long couple of days of hauling to just make a living. Many hired crew members have left the (Name of ship) after yet another to close to call escape from pirates. The hauls didn’t even register enough for gas, crew payment and repair.

You are just about to settle down at the local cantinas and around the town, when an advertisement blares out on all stations for everyone to hear.


Come One, Come all to the Bora-Kintha Casino!

Yes folks, the Bora-Kintha has returned for it’s 200th annual Sabbac Tournament Challenge: This infamus Casino Starship will host gamblers from all over the universe to compete for a grand prize (to be announced by game time, but more than you, yes you, make in a life time living in the Outer Rim).

Bring Your Game On
Think you have the ability to take on the best gamblers in the universe? Then come to Nar Shadda in the Y’Toub system and register for your chance. The fee for entry is JUST 1000 credits. All entries will be subject to follow the laws of the Bora-Kinta and the Hutt. Registration must be done by Nal Hutta’s six hundred and fiftieth Solar Day.


‘Eight Months’ you think to yourself. What do you have to lose? You’ll have to find a way to get 1000 credits together. Can’t get into debt again, owe to much as it is.

There’s the Deep Space runs. Corporations tend to pay very high for hauls into dangerous territory, if you’re lucky to come back for the pay.

Now to hire crew members just as desperate as you are.


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