Kullen Bohannon

Mr. Bohannon is a middle aged outer rim mercenary... Wears a cowboy hat...


Bohannon stands just shy of two meters and weights in at a fit 85 kilograms… His gear though well used is fastidiously maintained… He exudes the hawkish aura of confidence of a seasoned military professional…


Kullen was born into a plebeian family on Corellia and enlisted into the Imperial army as soon as he was old enough. At the early stages of his career he showed great discipline and leadership that he was eventually commission as an officer and placed in the prestigious Corulag Academy. (Don’t judge me, the pay was good and the perks made it easy to turn a blind eye and accept the propaganda.)

Soon after he met ‘Her’; Sweet Pamela. She was the brigade’s chief medical officer. She was all fiery for liberty and doing “the right thing”. After a whirlwind romance they got married and she got pregnant.

She took a leave of absence from the army to be with her family on her home world of Alderaan. Yeah, THAT Alderaan. “When I heard my wife and unborn baby were killed, I lost it” Kullen would be known to tell people, “I went AWOL and joined the Rebellion. I fought for them for a while too. After a while I realized they were full of shit too. I left those sandbaggers too… Now I fight for credits.”

Kullen now travels around the outer most reaches of the Rims and heeds to no one.

Kullen Bohannon

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