Outer Rim Adventure

And So it Begins....With a BANG!
Who's up for a little gambling?

It’s been a long couple of days of hauling to just make a living. Many hired crew members have left the (Name of ship) after yet another to close to call escape from pirates. The hauls didn’t even register enough for gas, crew payment and repair.

You are just about to settle down at the local cantinas and around the town, when an advertisement blares out on all stations for everyone to hear.


Come One, Come all to the Bora-Kintha Casino!

Yes folks, the Bora-Kintha has returned for it’s 200th annual Sabbac Tournament Challenge: This infamus Casino Starship will host gamblers from all over the universe to compete for a grand prize (to be announced by game time, but more than you, yes you, make in a life time living in the Outer Rim).

Bring Your Game On
Think you have the ability to take on the best gamblers in the universe? Then come to Nar Shadda in the Y’Toub system and register for your chance. The fee for entry is JUST 1000 credits. All entries will be subject to follow the laws of the Bora-Kinta and the Hutt. Registration must be done by Nal Hutta’s six hundred and fiftieth Solar Day.


‘Eight Months’ you think to yourself. What do you have to lose? You’ll have to find a way to get 1000 credits together. Can’t get into debt again, owe to much as it is.

There’s the Deep Space runs. Corporations tend to pay very high for hauls into dangerous territory, if you’re lucky to come back for the pay.

Now to hire crew members just as desperate as you are.


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