Ajox Vox

Man of Information


A slim, agile Nagai


Ajox is a Nagai and one of the few Nagai to travel away from his homeworld and system in the deep reaches of space.

He has travelled around doing odd jobs for many people as he likes to gain as much information from those around him, especially those with high stakes within the galaxy.

He has currently been hanging with the Dark Rising Pirates at the behest of the New Republic to pass along any useful information.

Lately, a strange group of creatures from the furthest reaches of Wild Space have come to the Asteroid station the Dark Rising Pirates occupy. Their Leader Vygor, has been talking with the leader of Dark Rising for many weeks now, but no one knows about what.

Ajox believes Vygor is bad news, and it just so happens a ship has come along that may help him find out why.

Ajox Vox

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