Daxx Krinn

Scientist stuck out in the Outer Rim


slender 6ft" tall


Born on Coruscant, from a noble family of the Empire, I enlisted into one of the science schools. Graduated with the vast knowledge I collected, and was given choices where I could be stationed.

Then things just went a little sideways and I ended up being captured by some crazy underground slavers. They traded me to the Dark Rising Pirates who happened to be an affiliate of them. They hid within a mini death star asteroid of all places! ..my shit luck. Now i’m just an over qualified handy man around here. They found out about my genetics background and wanted to use it for their own damn experiments. As well as some side torture techniques I detested. Just hoping the empire will come looking for me out here, but the only ships that come by now are other merchant ships and smugglers.

Good news though, a merchant ship has arrived in this forsaken asteroid and I’ve convinced the crew to escape with them off this rock.

Daxx Krinn

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