Joron Rahliss

Joron is an attractive six-foot-tall human male, with bright violet eyes.




Big fish in a little pond – at least that’s how it started.

Joron Rahliss of House…Oh, I can’t tell you that.

Homeworld? It’s not on most star maps of the Outer Rim – that’s the little pond, but it was a great place to grow up – especially being from one of the great houses – that’s the big fish. Always got my way. Always had the best. Sex, Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling – ah – what a way to live.

See, but even being a big fish, there are always bigger fish, and I forgot that. I owed one of the local hutts big, and fooling around with one of his prized “Unsullied” escorts may not have been the best way to get him to forgive and forget. Then Gamooran goons came and snatched me.

He had them rip off my fucking arm. MY WHOLE FUCKING ARM, and then they brought in a med droid to stop the bleeding and bring me out of shock. Threw me out on the street naked as the day I was born, and did I mention – WITH NO FUCKING ARM.

The family, they didn’t want to get involved. At least they had the decency to buy me a cut-rate cybernetic arm, nothing fancy, but at least I have an arm back. They say it’s upgradable, but I haven’t gotten the credits to even start thinking about it.

Oh, and they gave me a mothballed gunner ship from their scrap yard, GB1061-966. I had run cargo for the family before, and I wasn’t a bad pilot. 966 is an older ship – just like the arm – she’s upgradable. They wiped her core and changed her registration, so that nothing can be tracked back to home.

No tears, no goodbyes, just a “don’t let the door hit you on your way out.” Oh, and “don’t ever come back, we don’t know you.” Typical of a House, trying to make sure their shit don’t stink. If the other Houses got a whiff of that smell, they’d be pissing all this one.

The hutt? Either the arm was payment enough – probably hanging in his Sabac Den as some sort of trophy, or he couldn’t find me – the family was quick getting rid of me. No one’s been looking for that “other me” in years.

Joron Rahliss

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