Mark Owen

If it needs doin; we'll get it done.


Just your average joe.
“I have that kind of face, I’m sure we’ve never meet”



I can’t move. My arms restrained. I slip them and bang on the walls of the tank. It already cracked from flying debrie. I breach the seals and spill onto the floor with what must be a fortune in Bacta fluid.

AAAHHHHH… Klaxons sound every where and the red flashing lights are disorienting.

I’m not sure where I am (who I am) but I must get out.

The panels in the lab respond to my touch and I’m out the door grabbing a lab coat as I pass. I interface with a local panel down a corridor. EXPLOSIONS rock the area. “Computer which way to the escape pods.”

‘Mark Owen please return to the lab; your processing is incomplete.’

Frag that I think and I press onto the panel. This must be my lucky day, schematics push up to my view screen with a outlined route to the launch bay.

Along the way I commandeer a flight suit and some credit cubes. Fire teams and troopers run everywhere. No one pays any attention to a lone lab tech scurrying about looking for safety.

On the launch bay I find an Old Republic ship. Who knows why it’s here, I just think how untraceable it must be.


After launch I think how my luck continues As I escape such a large moon base; that is until I release its no moon at all, It is the base. NavCom confirms I’m in the Yarvin system but not for long. The moon or base or what ever it is explodes like a supernova just as I hit the hyper drive.

Should of paid more attention to where I jumped to. Almost immediately attacked by Black Sun pirates when I can’t relay their damn passwords. Now I know why this ship was there. Crash landed on the planet Rishi. Luck continues as I survive, but the ship is skuttled.

That was quite a few years ago and it’s how I landed here in the outer rim. It took me quite a few years just to come to grips with what kind of … MAN… I am. To put all my memories back together. All the while moving, never to long in one place, never wanting to call attention. But I call tell. Something’s coming. And I’ll need to be ready.

Mark Owen

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